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Starting a Business in the time of COVID19

I am in the middle of trying to kick-start my little healing practice in the midst of COVID19. I think with COVID19 happening it really made me stop to think that I wanted to live my life with a sense of purpose and meaning. While I loved my job in Entertainment and it drew a lot satisfaction, I also have this other spiritual side that loved the metaphysical and the connection to the Divine. Previously I had worked for another spiritual brand doing readings and selling their products, but it wasn’t my path to do that anymore.

So I left the spiritual world and embarked on a career working as a Producer in Entertainment and truly did feel as if I found my groove and my gifts. But as nearly 10 years go by – a little voice within me in the last 3 years started first whispering and then nudging and then it was a plain old what are you waiting for kind of telling-off. And so I thought ok – 2020! New decade for all things NEW and then COVID hit and changed the way we lived in this world.

So I thought it’s definitely time, there’s no point waiting for a sign (actually I lie – I waited for 3 signs and got them in 3 consecutive days. I got it Universe!), there’s no need to naval gaze any longer, it was time to full life PURPOSEFULLY.




adverb: purposefully

1. in a way that shows determination or resolve.

"Michele takes the lead, striding purposefully towards the destiny"

2. with a useful purpose.

"how is it possible to share Divine information effectively and purposefully when the world needs it?"


So here I am, making life about serving, giving and surrendering to a path and a calling. I can’t see ahead and I don’t know what lies beyond just setting up this website. But it doesn’t matter, I’m moving forward and working towards being of service in this strange time of Corona.

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