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The Sacred Act of Spring Cleaning

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I have written previously on Spring Cleaning in my Self Care Toolkit but with Chinese New Year (12 of Feb) right around the corner, I think it deserves a blog post of its own. If you haven’t read the Wise Inner Council Self Care Toolkit, what are you waiting for? Go to the website & click the pop up box to download all those other handy fabulous tips.

Anyways within Chinese Culture, it’s believed that Spring Cleaning is crucial and is symbolic of driving away bad luck from the previous year. When I was a kid, I thought it was a likely story, one invented by Clever Chinese Mothers to make you do housework. You have to remember that Spring Cleaning is not ordinary cleaning, it’s the EXTRA of cleaning - it’s taking out everything, wiping it down, tossing out the old, organising it, leaving no stone unturned.

Well it turns out I was wrong, Mothers do know best and 1.39 billion Chinese people are not wrong about their beliefs on prosperity. Cleaning & Clearing your space creates a channel and a conduit to invite Blessings, Fortune & Abundance. Your home is a reflection of your personal energy signature, and when there is no order in your home, your life will reflect disarray. Ok if you are no Mari Kondo or Martha Steward, here are some ways you can reframe the way you see this Chore from Bore to Score!


Assists With Goal Setting:

It’s the start of the year, and whether you celebrate CNY or not, most of us have our resolutions, new goals, and dreams that we are gearing up to execute. Whether you set your intentions in a meditation, offer it in a God Box, put it on a white board, or create a SMART plan; I suggest adding in a Spring Clean session to symbolically tell the Universe that you are clearing out the Old to Welcome in the New. A good cleaning helps seal the deal; saying to the Universe, that whatever is meant for me, I have created space for it. And whatever is meant to go, I’m allowing it to go. I have found the cleaning ritual successful because you are clearing up mental and physical clutter and preparing yourself to move forward towards your goals unencumbered.

Shows How Abundant You Are:

I do find that when you clean it does create a shift in how you perceive abundance. I often find money that has been tucked away, left in a handbag. I find earrings and lipsticks that I think I have lost. Books that I haven’t read that I’ve forgotten about. Old Fashion pieces which are re-discovered and new again. Even little handwritten notes from friends make me feel grateful that I have such beautiful loving people in my life. We go through life in blurry motion, with a flurry of activity; Spring Cleaning allows us to see clearly what we have. We find these buried treasures right in our own backyard and we are richer for it.

Allows Creative Ideas & Solutions In:

This really works for me. If I’m feeling stuck and in a rut about something, I find that tackling a scary drawer often leaves me feeling good and allows me to take a break from my mental ruminations. Once that happens I do find that joyful solutions will present themselves and creative ideas start to flow. I believe it’s because I’m freeing up stuck and messy energy and transforming it into Order. Plus the jolt of feel-goodness after you have done a good clean out leaves me feeling accomplished and confident that I can tackle the hard stuff.


Ok so the key is to get started. That’s probably the hardest part. Here are some quick tips to get going.

Tips To Get Started:

1. Set a Timer

Tell yourself you are only going to clean for this amount of time. It can be an hour or even 15 mins. The key here is to get started.

2. Pick only one place to get started.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the things you need to do. Just pick one area, one drawer, even a messy wallet works. Once you get started you can leverage on momentum to keep you going.

3. Allow your Intuition to lead.

Just know that there will be a certain pull to parts of your house that need attention. Just start there and allow your intuition to lead.

4. Get a Professional Organiser

If Spring Cleaning leaves you overwhelmed, there are tons of businesses with professional sorters and organisers that need your support. They will come in and liberate your life and free it of clutter and disorganisation.

Final Insight:

You have probably heard that nature abhors a vacuum. I believe it adores a vacuum cleaner. When you clear out what’s not needed, you simply make space for what wants to come in instead. Ultimately it’s a sacred act of preparing the space in our hearts and minds to receive what lies ahead.

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