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Welcome to Wise Inner Council, an online sanctuary for wellness, healing and empowerment. I am Michele and I’m thrilled to share my healing services with you and to support you on your journey of self care and self love. 


I believe that everything starts with inner work first and I see myself as a Cosmic Counselor and Guide to bring out your inner wisdom and ignite your Belief within. That’s the first step. 

How you see the world determines what’s possible. If I can change the way someone sees the world and release them from the prison of their mind, from there, the possibilities are endless.


I help anyone who is feeling disconnected from themselves and their potential and will assist to reconnect them to their dreams. When you combine Divine Will, Self Belief and Human Will, it creates a miraculous powerful force of Healing & Transformation.

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If you’re thinking about booking a reading, I would highly recommend this Cosmic Goddess!

In a period where I faced so many challenges in my life, and was feeling like I needed a little guidance, MK gave me exactly what I needed- a gentle, yet insightful approach addressing the very issues that were being questioned in my life.

Her down-to-earth messages speak straight to your soul, often leaving you filled with emotion. I was given many pearls of wisdom during my tarot card reading and found myself meditating on her wise guidance for some time after. If I could change anything, I would have written down everything that MK shared in the reading. 

Regardless, I still hold with me the sunbeams of light that MK and her cards provided me. She certainly has divine ability and I am appreciative for having experienced her intuitive gift!

Having Michele do a reading for me was an enriching and insightful experience. She has an intuitive connection with the cards and their messages - it impressed me that she knew the questions on my mind and could help me see my issues and possible solutions from all angles.

To me, what differentiates Michele from other readers is her ability to take stock and summarize the whole issue well and then put the solutions into actionable steps to help me achieve my goals. It helps that Michele is very friendly, personable and didn’t prod - I felt  at ease because she was not overstepping any boundaries. If you are unsettled, have nagging questions or just unsure of what the future holds, I highly recommend a reading with Michele to give you some much needed clarity and insights.

Gemma L, Entertainment Producer

Waheedah, Creative Corporate

I was starting a bed and breakfast on my farm and was feeling overwhelmed by what needs to be done and if I am capable to do what is required. Did a reading with Michele and she gave me a lot of guidance.  I ended the session with her armed with a to do list and a timeline schedule. For the next 3 months, I attacked the to do list and adhered to the schedule we set up together.  Michele also checked in with me monthly to give me encouragement and to check the progress. Happy to announce that 3 mths later, I successfully launched the business.

My cosmic coach helped me process my thoughts and deal with concerns, giving me a clearer view of how I need to proceed with confidence. She also shared encouraging messages and helpful reminders after my session to shift me back to a state of balance. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Mel Lee, Business Owner

Melanie, Entrepreneur



If you need any further information you can email me at: 

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