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Discover your own Infinite Wisdom, Power & Clarity

You get to live a life of EMPOWERMENT, FULFILMENT, FREEDOM.
It’s yours for the taking and the asking.

But so often we get stuck, we feel trapped and we are prisoners of our minds, circumstances and upbringing.


Maybe you have asked yourself:

 How do I let go of my fears and doubts?


How do I believe in myself and feel worthy?


How do I create the life I love?


How do I feel more confident?


How do I finally manifest my goals and dreams?

The Truth is the Answers to all those questions are within you! We actually hold the key to unlocking that piece of the puzzle. 

We need to turn down the dial of our Inner Critics

We need to tap and listen to the guidance of our Wise Inner Self

We need to Ask The Right Questions & to learn how to listen

We need Practical Habits and Routines that unlock The Magic to our Quantum Selves

Michele Klyne Hi Resolution-15.jpg

Life is going to teach you just that, that you are the source of your own healing, joy, resurrection and that understanding is so powerful because life is coming through you and not at you. 

The answers we seek lie within us, and no one else. 

You have the power to transform into the Self that’s at your very core. Learning to heal yourself is the most exciting, liberating and courageous thing you can do. 

Hi, I’m Michele Klyne!

I run Wise Inner Council, an online Tarot platform & Michele Klyne Coaching, as a Brain Based Coach. Basically I work with the Tarot to coach, to transform and to heal.

I’ve always been interested in the spiritual and metaphysical world. I’ve spent a long part of my adult life in this world, learning, studying, healing and honestly, looking for someone to heal or fix me.  


I became a Spiritual chaser and junkie,  always believing that someone out there would help me. Using it as a crutch. 


I would keep trying a new healing modality, or attend a new workshop, but somehow I wasn’t any happier or more peaceful. 


I was constantly giving my time and power away. I believed in other people’s dreams and not my own. 


Look, you have to own your power or someone else will. 


 I finally got it. Of course, I could never find what I was looking for, because the truth is -  no one can heal ME but ME. 


Because the answer is YOU. 


Plus you are never going to find peace and joy if you are not walking your own path.  


I spent the next several years discovering tools and techniques to be able to listen to my own voice, to recognise my own guidance and trust myself again.

Introducing –

Online Course 1.png

Come experience this online workshop that will give you the tools you need to step into and claim your Power.

I want to show you how to work with your greatest, most power gift - your Mind & your Soul.. We’re going to turn down the Inner Chatter, bask in the loving energy of your Divine Self, and plug into the most freeing, exciting inner journey to get to know yourself.

You have everything you need within you to create a life you live and to enjoy this life beyond measure.


COMING Q3 2023

• We are going to start with Inner Critics & Connect with Wise Inner Self

• Even if you miss them you get a link to the replay

• Includes powerful guided workbooks


$ 88

Meeting The Inner Critics

Connecting with your Wise Inner Self

Module Rundown


Q3 2023


Q3 2023

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming  Soon

Dealing with Inner Critics

Connect with your Wise Inner Self

Asking The

Right Questions

The Law of Radiance: Allowing & Surrendering

Practical Magic through Habits & Quantum You

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