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My work with the Tarot and use the Tarot as a Tool for Transformation. The Tarot allows me to access your subconscious mind and reveals blind spots and beliefs that are holding you back. My main work is revealing to a client their beliefs that they did not know they had and how to shift them.


What sets me apart is my practical, down to earth manner and an action plan. Ultimately it’s also through your own actions and your good habits that creates the powerful healing and transformation that you are looking for. An action plan can include affirmations, meditations and working to free yourself from the shadow of an old LIE and replace it with a new Belief.


The action plan is for them to continue their journey to clarity and healing. When clients follow through, they have seen tremendous results and shifts in their lives.


How can a reading with me help you?

Most people believe that a reading can predict the future, however the future is not written in stone and everyone has the power to change and redirect their destiny and life path based on what they do today.

Whatever the confusion or the stresses you are facing in your life – in love, career, family or purpose are moments that are simply part of a process that is meant to bring you wisdom, insight and a renewed sense of power.  

My intuitive readings and cosmic coaching, will help you move forward from negative life events. I will shed light on hidden beliefs and sabotaging behaviour & patterns, providing you a clear pathway and a plan for you to implement to create the life you are looking for. 

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