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Welcome to the first edition of the Miracle Vault. The vault doors open today on 22.2.22 where the energy of compassion, cooperation and harmony flows in. Repeat numbers like 22.2.22 are considered Angel numbers and “2” in Numerology stands for love, partnership and collaboration. It’s a number that is filled with positivity, optimism and hope. So you should aim to harness and channel all that goodness in. For yourself and then for others.

Now what better day to open a portal of Miracle energy to come through than this Twos-day! I have been recently collecting Miracle stories from my tribe of friends. I’ve been hearing stories of synchronicity, destiny, blessings or luck. Call it what you will, but listening to a miracle story, just plugs you into Source Energy where magic and all infinite possibilities exist. Even if it happens to someone else, the energy of a Miracle story can lift you and heal you all the same.

These stories which I’ve curated and collected have blessed me, expanded me and affirmed to me that all things are possible with the Divine. So come get plugged in and enjoy the first story from The Miracle Vault.


I have a friend called Dee who was sitting outside on her balcony, smoking a cigarette and having a moment to herself. When suddenly she felt something land on her head. Most of us might have screamed and yelped, but for whatever reason Dee was cool and calm. When she caught sight of herself in the sliding door reflection, there sat a bird on her head.

The little bird, a Green Cheeked Conure (or a little parrot) perched calmly on her bun. She picked it up carefully and placed it on her finger and it sat there with her, perfectly still. When she took a snap to show us, we were all squealing with excitement, now that’s something pretty extraordinary. “What a blessing,'' said one. “It’s a real gift and must be a sign of things to come!”, "It’s a spirit guide with a message!” each of us were excitedly texting her.

Anyways as a kind and responsible human, she looked out for missing bird signs around her neighborhood and on social media, and of course her plan was to keep it safe, fed and happy till she could find the owner. She even took it to the vet to make sure the bird was not hurt and was healthy. In true Singapore fashion, friends encouraged Dee to buy 4D and guess what - for the first time ever, Dee struck 4D - winning $60 which she used towards purchasing a cage.

As 10 days went by, it was clear that there was no owner, so she named the bird Jay Jay and it becomes part of her family. Jay Jay was adored by her daughter and even Dee's aggro cat was in love with it. The two animals would sit together, watching over Dee's daughter like sacred guardians as she completed her homework and played online games.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, her friend messages her and says she has seen Missing Bird signs plastered all over Katong, about 2 km from where Dee lives. So Dee calls the number and insists the owner proves that the bird belongs to her. After verifying it, the fact is Jay Jay does have a human who loves it dearly, and as lovely as it was, it was time for Jay Jay to return home.

What my friend didn’t notice was that on the flier, the owner had printed a reward on it. So when the owner said she would transfer the reward of $5,000 my friend's jaw just dropped. Her initial response was to tell the owner to only give her part of the reward. After all, the bird brought so much joy to the family. But thankfully her Wise Self kicked in and all friends on the chat also were very vocal, insisting that that she had to accept the reward! I mean, what’s the point of receiving a miracle and turning it down?


1. The biggest learning that stood out was the message that the Divine is the SOURCE of all ABUNDANCE. It is not going to come from your job, your spouse, your business. If Divine Will is going to drop money from the heavens, it will do it and it can do so. You see, Dee was in the midst of dealing with her ex husband and his refusal to pay for their daughter. He was trying to tie her up in the Courts and because of this, she was bogged down with worry and frustration about his lack of financial responsibility. The bird, a messenger of the Divine, showed her that God is the Source of Her Abundance.

2. It was a reminder from the Divine to Dee that even though she had been going through a particularly hard time with her ex, she was not forgotten or forsaken. While her financial situation may have been challenging, this unexpected windfall was here to remind her that she is loved, looked after and supported by an invisible hand. It was a sign that All Is Well from here on out.

3. It’s super important to be ready to receive the Miracle! If Dee had gone with her initial response of returning the money and accepting the reward partially, it would mean that she was not ready to receive and that would have stopped her flow. We have to remember not to say NO to a blessing. If she had returned the money, she was telling the Universe not to give her MORE. Giving and receiving is an important cycle, much like the in breath and out breath that must co-exist. If Dee had refused the reward, she would have broken the cycle of blessings.


I will say that Dee’s energy, vibration, outlook and luck changed the day the bird flew into her life.

That blessing has shifted Dee into an expanded state and Money & Love are showing up for her in brand new ways. "It's definitely opened me up to new opportunities and experiences. Money is flowing in and I've started dating again. I feel different. Empowered even. Friends have noticed a glint in my eye and a spring in my step. All thanks to Jay Jay who came into my life. It's unlocked something within me. "

Anyways I hope this story blesses you too, especially if you have been worried about finances and money. Just know that all our blessings that are meant for us will come to us. It's already written in the stars. We simply have to figure out how we can show up, shift and claim it.

And now we know that a bird in the hand is worth $5000!

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