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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The doors of the Miracle Vault opens again and this is the 2nd story in its series. I have been recently collecting Miracle stories from my tribe of friends. I've been hearing stories of synchronicity, destiny, blessings or luck. Call it what you will, but listening to a miracle story even if it happens to someone else, just plugs you in the Source Energy where magic and all infinite possibilities exist. These stories I’ve curated have blessed me, expanded me and reminds me that all things are possible with the Divine. So come get plugged into and enjoy the 2nd story from The Miracle Vault.

Letting Go & Finding Your Way

May had recently moved to London after getting married and she started her family soon after. Always at the back of her she knew she wanted to continue working and to thrive in London’s bustling work scene. She was a TV Producer in Asia and that was her dream to continue in the industry. But she thought that it would be notoriously difficult to try to break into London, after she didn’t have too many contacts in TV and wasn’t sure how she would get her foot through the door.

Anyways being a mother for the first time, she was also grateful to have the time and the freedom to be a stay-home mom. Despite her best efforts for her 3 years in London, she was no way closer to working in Television production.

So she decided to take on a new role, in a brand new industry, learning about Skincare manufacturing. Even though the job paid very little, May decided she would let go and release all expectations from here on out. She would take on the role and would plug away at it. She was ready to give up her dream of TV too.

”I had defined myself for so long as a TV producer, without it I was a bit lost. When this new opportunity presented itself, I felt really grateful that I could redefine myself. It gave me the chance to explore who else I could be besides a TV producer. I really dived right in and enjoyed the process of discovery”

Well you know how these stories go, as soon as she released her anxiety and worry about work, she got a text from a friend called Ally, who said she needed someone to work with her as a unit publicist on a huge NETFLIX project. Speaking of synchronicities, she had met Ally 3 years ago when May had just arrived in London. Ally then was also in the same boat struggling to get work. They never met again, but remembered each other. This time it felt as if it was the right timing, that their paths would cross again and this brief meeting 3 years ago would lead May to her Dream Job, back into TV production as a unit publicist, working on one of the biggest productions of the year from NETFLIX with some of her hero producers.

“I couldn’t quite believe I landed this job. Not only was it for a role I’ve never done before but also on a mega production that unit publicists take years to network their way in. It really reminded me that sometimes I need to let go of set ideas of how things should play out. There are so many twists and turns to a story and it’ll all happen in its own mysterious timing so I’ve learnt and I’m learning to allow space for that.”

Lessons Learnt:

1. Surrendering & Letting Go

May truly felt that it was the moment when she let go of her expectation and her worry, when she surrendered, that put her in a state of Allowing and Receiving. She allowed her destined dream job to appear before her. Effortlessly too. After 3 years of struggling to bang down the doors, it simply opened for her.

2. Right Timing

When the time is right, it’s right. Clearly a contact met years ago would only prove fruitful when the timing was right which would be 3 years later. Divine Timing is never our timing, but something that is meant for you will show up. Always remember to sow the seeds as you never know when it bears fruit

3. Keep Yourself Magnetic to the Miracle

I loved how May decided to be as open by taking on work in a new field, even when the pay wasn’t ideal. Her theory was it would ignite work energy around her and it would pull something bigger and better. This is a case of keeping herself magnetic to work that would flow to her, rather than not working because it wasn’t an ideal situation. May, by working, gave the Divine something to bless. And it did.

Final Word:

This is such a powerful lesson for us all to remember to let go, to allow the opportunity to appear, to receive the gift when it presents itself. The energy around this is different from hustling or striving or even manifesting. Remember that whatever is yours is yours. Whatever is meant to appear will happen. Hold on to the Trust that the Universe is for you and not against you. Allow yourself into the ease and grace of a blessing.


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