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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Within each of us lies a powerful destiny. Much like a seed contains within it a mighty oak tree, we too have a gift that we must bring forth into the world. I believe that to be our life’s journey as we transcend limitations and unlearn learnings to allow our light to shine through.

To really begin a journey of Purpose, you must first accept that the Universe is for you and not against you. You have a uniqueness, a voice and a superpower that only you can bring to this world. If this is already making you cringe, your skin is crawling and your Inner Critic has started up, I suggest you take a few deep breaths, tune out those mean voices and continue reading on.

If you can accept the fact that you have a Gift looking to emerge, and right now you don’t know how to birth it. Well the key to unlocking your Destiny, starts with Asking the Right Questions.


Most of us are still stuck in the stage of asking Disempowering Questions. Look even if you have your life sorted already, there's always this one area in our lives that just isn’t going as smooth as the rest. Whether it’s love, family, finances, creativity, purpose, etc, there’s a segment in our lives where the struggle is real.

It’s a place where things are happening to you rather than for you. It feels as if the Universe is conspiring against you instead of for you. You feel as if you’ve done all you can, but somehow you can’t shift it. You find yourself asking, “Why me? Why are they doing better? Why can’t I get it right? Why do good things happen to other people? Why NOT me?” You also might hate yourself for this.

Ok so that was the example of disempowering questions. Questions that lead to no good answers and questions that are generated from your impossible mind of No Solutions.


"So how do I begin to bring forth my gift within by asking empowering questions?" you might be asking. (Now that's a good question by the way) The right questions put us in a position of strength and power, because we receive the answers that show us ways and solutions aligned with our Highest Path. Elevating your questions to be empowering means that the answers will be elevated and empowering. Those Divine Qualities are already within you. They may lie dormant like a seed in soil, and with the right questions, it will allow you to unveil the layers that have kept it hidden.


Right questions are open-ended and give you the space to reframe, reassess and retrain your mind and perspective to any situation you find yourself in.

Here's a few to consider:

  1. What is the gift in this challenge that I can’t see?

  2. What is the learning that is trying to emerge in my life?

  3. What is the gift within that is trying to birth?

  4. How can I serve?

  5. What is the insight that I need to learn?

  6. What is the one empowering thought I can embody with regards to this situation?

  7. What is an empowering action that I can take?

  8. What matters most now?

Take an area in your life that you are struggling and pose one of those questions. Better yet, work with your Wise Inner Self to come up with your own list of questions.


Once you've asked the right question, remain open to receive the answer. Make yourself available - listen, watch and ready yourself for the insight to drop in. The wisdom will be made ready to you. The answer to your question will be delivered. It can come in a meditation, a song, a dream, a message from a random person, a passage in a book.

When you release disempowering questions like “What’s wrong with me? Why me? Who can I blame?”, your Divine Guidance now has the space without all that mental chatter to swoop in with joyful solutions.

Questions create worlds - worlds of suffering or the worlds of flourishing. When you find a generative question, you become a participant in your life, you become a Designer of your Dreams. So the question is, are you ready to fully participate in your unfolding?

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