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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Most people may not know this but within all of us there is a Wise Inner Council made up of your Amazing Allies who are rooting for you. These aspects of ourselves guide us even when we don’t know it, you can tell when they are in charge because you are feeling high vibration emotions like joy, peace and fullness.

The next series of my blog posts is to highlight who these Allies are and to give you ways to connect with higher elevated aspects of yourselves more fully. This way we can reach out to them, make deeper connections and consciously allow them into our lives more often rather than our Inner Critics. It’s like picking better friends to hang out with in our mental neighborhood.

For today’s, let’s meet the Numero Uno Team Player - Your Wise Inner Self.

Meet Your Biggest Cheerleader!

Your Wise Inner Self is an aspect of you that is PURE LOVE. You can call it your Higher Self, Your Intuition, Your Soul - this is the part of you that has existed beyond time and space, and will never be destroyed. It’s the part of you that’s connected to the Divine and accepts you and loves you unconditionally.

We all go through life looking for acceptance and love and we can never find it in our family, romantic relationships, friends and achievements. Ultimately we know that it’s an inside job. Well, meet the one who gets that Inside Job done - the Wise Inner Self. You know how you are often told “the answers lie within”, and yes the answers lie within the connection we have with our Wise Inner Selves. The more we connect, the more love, healing and joy we will receive.

Most of us understand that we do have this aspect of ourselves but we do not consciously work with our Wise Inner Selves. And we should! Because choices made from this place are always for your highest good, and for the best for everyone around you. Your Wise Inner Self is all about creating Joyful Solutions and Win Win Situations.

Connecting with your Wise Inner Self:

Loving Messages:

Journaling is my favourite way to connect and for me the easiest. I often will pose a question to my Wise Inner Self and then allow the answer to form. You can tell it’s your Wise Inner Self as they have calm, bright, peaceful voices. My Wise Inner Self speaks in a very maternal and gentle manner and says very loving things to me.

Here’s an example of a Love Message by my Wise Inner Self:

Dearest Darling Michele

I see you working and trying and putting in so much effort to bring change in your life. I really want you to know that you are loved, loving, lovable just as you are. You don't need to work for your love, you don’t need to work hard for approval. I am excited about your new healing path. I will be with you, guiding you and working with you and loving you. I’m excited for you to see your gifts, to acknowledge them, to share them and to enjoy them. I want you to see yourself the way I do. You are my beautiful child and I love you very much.

This may take some practice but connecting with your inner self by journaling is a powerful way to access the wisdom of your inner voice.

Dream Time:

Here’s another way to work with your Wise Inner Self. Before you go to bed, you can ask your Wise Inner Self a question that you need an answer to. Or you can write your question on a piece of paper and then put it under your pillow. Just like the Tooth Fairy, your Wise Inner Self will come to you in your Dream and will deliver a message to you. I have found that this technique works for those who dream a lot and get a lot of messages through Dream Time.

You will know it when your Wise Inner Self gives you a message. For me when it happens the dream quality is so vivid, literal and clear. It’s unlike the other dreams I have where I don’t remember them or it’s very hazy and vague. In fact, I remember those dreams for years to come and sometimes I have dreamt of prophetic things that have played out. Not all of us will enjoy Dream Time, but some of us will work best using this method. Sometimes the answer comes days later, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get an instant answer.

Final Insights:

Do take note that your Wise Inner Self will never berate you or scold or make you feel bad. If you hear some judgement in the advice, know it’s probably an Inner Critic sneaking in and masquerading as your Wise Inner Self. So sneaky!

Be aware that when you are first beginning with this practise you might wonder if you are just making stuff up. It’s totally understandable and ultimately it doesn’t affect the loving messages you receive. If you don’t understand the messages, ask your Wise Inner Self to clarify or to give you signs. As you continue with your practise, you will find that you will trust the messages and the advice.

Remember working with your Wise Inner Self is a great technique of Self Love! It’s like getting a big old hug from your bestie and knowing that someone always has your back. So go ahead and make it official and enjoy being cherished and loved by your Wise Inner Self.

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