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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Your Magical Inner Child is definitely one of your most powerful Amazing Allies and deserves a seat on your Wise Inner Council. The Magical Child is responsible for your boundless creative energy, your sense of play and wonder, your curiosity, your innocence and when your Magical Inner Child is in charge, you know you are in for a good time. You will be optimistic, enthusiastic, idealistic and excitable. You’ll feel footloose and fancy free. Now who doesn’t want some of that.

To reach out to and empower our Magical Inner Child, you have to work through your Inner Child issues. You can only reach the magic, once you deal with the wounding.

The Wounding In a Nutshell

Now everyone in the entire world has gotten damaged and hurt when they were a little child. The little magical YOU would at some point, have entered into a situation where you would lose your power, and instead receive a Bad Belief. It's that moment that wounded part of you is born and you will carry it around like a burden you never knew you had.

This then leaves a hole in us of feeling unloved & unworthy. We then spend the rest of adult lives trying to fill that hole - sex, relationships, money, stuff, success, approval; till we get so exhausted and collapse in a heap, calling out for Surrender. Now that’s when the Divine enters because we are no longer rushing about and whispers to us that from now on the inner journey can begin, to fill the HOLE to become WHOLE.

The Emotional Minefield of Bad Beliefs

As we take on these negative beliefs as our own, soon they become our habits, then our character and next, those old beliefs are dictating our destiny. In fact those of us who suffer from low self esteem and lack of worth and confidence can find the root of that in the past.

When you have a wounded Inner Child, you will see it play out in your adult life with issues in relationships, creativity, finances. When someone or a situation activates one of your triggers, it’s like detonating an emotional landmine - resentment and anger will pour out of you like a torrential force. One way for greater Self Love & Self Care is to heal your Inner Child hurts and trauma.

Healing The Wounded Inner Child:

Now please remember that some of us have such trauma from childhood that it’s really best to work with a trained therapist to follow the string into the maze of memories to uncover your power that's taken from you. Your power is likely to be held hostage and tied up by a beLIEf that is more LIE than truth. And only you can save you. Only you can let go of that old beLIEf and replace it with one that is loving and kind.

In Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Reconciliation, the wise sage said that inside each of us is a young, suffering child. Most often when we feel pain from a deep place within, it’s our inner wounded child who’s calling out. Suppressing it won't make it go away.

It does take courage to revisit the past, because memories can bring up shame and that can cripple us. So like I mentioned if you have experienced childhood trauma, it’s better to seek out a trained counselor or a therapist. But if you are ready, here’s a meditation technique to commune with your Inner Child.


Meditation for Communing with Your Inner Child:

1. Take 10 deep breaths. Let go of the tension. Let go of the day. Feel your mind quieten down

2. Imagine a force of love in your heart. See the colour of it and feel it grow brighter and brighter. Continue to breathe into your heart, activating the love in there

3. Now you are going to go on a journey to meet your Inner Child. Your Inner Child is innocent, tender and sensitive.

4. When you feel ready, invite the child into your heart. Take note of its age. Whatever age you see your child is perfect.

5. Tell the child that this is a safe space for it and you will give the child your full attention.

6. Now you may have to coax your child, especially if it feels neglected or unsafe and if they do not want to approach you. That’s fine too. You will have to earn its trust by repeating this meditation.

7. Your next step is to assure the child that you are its sacred caretaker and guardian and you and your Wise Inner Self will now look after it.

8. Next ask the child if they have anything to tell you. Are they scared? Are they worried? Are they anxious? Are they angry? Let your child know that all feelings are ok.

9. Ask them what they are feeling and listen to what they have to say. Just take a moment to hear them out.

10. Tell your child they are perfect and they are worthy of love. What happened to you when you were little it was not your fault. You have always been worthy of love. Let your child know that.

11. Assure the child that you are now going to be in charge and protect and look after the child

12. Remember the child can be mad at you, or they can feel betrayed by you, or they can be screaming in a huge rage for injustices they suffered from the past.

13. They also might bring you back to a memory or a situation or a person who has tormented them throughout the years.

14. Whatever comes up, remember to reassure them that they are safe. You can give them a gift. Maybe a teddy bear and tell them you love them and you are with them and they will not be alone. This gift is a symbol of your connection

15. When you are ready slowly come back out and take a couple of moments to write down what happened.


Now remember this meditation is a warm-up to making a connection with your Inner Child. It’s meant to be an introduction, especially if you have not done any inner child work. You can do this meditation several times and create a space for your little child to feel safe to FEEL all their emotions.

One time I did this Inner Child meditation and my Inner Child looked all happy and cheery. I felt very pleased with myself and felt that I had healed myself. Only to have my Inner Child return back in a dream a few days later, screaming at me filled with rage, frustration, and resentment. Oooops. I went into another meditation and I had to just take her in my arms and soothe her. Like an angry crying child, her rage subsided.

Also remember that this process is like peeling back layer upon layer, so it’s not one meditation and Viola! You are healed. What happens when you begin the process is you will see your angry inner child come up in your day-to-day interactions. After the meditation I could see my Triggers more clearly. I could see how I was responding in anger and resentment because of my hurt Inner Child. I couldn't help or control the emotions.Ultimately it was an opportunity for me to see the Trigger and to heal it. The realisation was I was still looking for approval from my mother, that I had to let go of needing it from her and also free her from that cage of expectation. It was necessary for all this to bubble up and only then could I shift it through awareness and love.

I hope the meditation allows you greater love and healing. It's a beautiful start to creating a relationship with this powerful aspect of your self.

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