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Buyer Beware

I recently received a spiritual newsletter from a healer who was peddling that they could lift parasites that were residing in our auric field. If anyone had a negative thought, swore during this time, was irritable – it was because they had Spiritual Parasites. And for a fee this healer would remove them so you could be part of an elite class with other 5th dimensional humans.

The newsletter was so filled with fear that I had to immediately delete it and unsubscribed because during this pandemic; I think people are allowed to feel their emotions, swear if they have lost their job and worry if their future looks uncertain. They certainly did not need someone fuelling their fear by saying they had entities and spiritual parasites. It felt like cashing in on people’s paranoia.

During this time of COVID19, it's a definite time for surrendering and offering to God and the Divine. But make sure you are not surrendering and offering your power to another reader or person. And throughout my years of reading, I often see how people are so willing to give their power away to another.

Now I know what I’m saying is ironic since I’m a reader, but you have to remember a good reader is there for you like a 2nd opinion. What they say should resonate with how you're feeling and your intuition. A good intuitive will never grab at the wheel, telling people how to think and feel. They will point out a reasonable route and the lessons you are learning, perhaps carve out a new direction and plan for you, and assist you with mapping your course; but they should never scare or imbue fear within their predictions.

So I thought I would come up with some warning flags that might help you to navigate through this time.


Tip 1: No One Can Predict the Future

Listen there are many spiritual parasites out there, using fear to cash in on this time. I have heard from friends and experienced myself, readers who fill their readings of a future filled with negative incidents that will scare the bejesus out of you.

Remember that no one can predict the future 100 percent accurately. And that’s because the future is not cast in stone. You can alter and change your destiny and your path. We make our futures anew everyday, since life is a mix of fate and free will, magic and mystery and it can never be fully revealed to us.

We create our destiny through our beliefs, thoughts, and actions and carve out our lives. Obviously the more positive your beliefs are, the more naturally you will be inclined to take action aligned with the Divine. But remember this life journey is to free ourselves of old negative beliefs so it’s ok to have them and work through them. It’s what makes you human and relatable.

Tip 2: Trust How You Feel

You should leave a reading or a healing feeling empowered, safe and healed. If for whatever reason you leave feeling fearful and depressed, trust yourself. I had a client call me to ask if she should be suspicious of her stepdaughter as a “friendly psychic” offered her a free reading and told her that her stepdaughter would be a problem in her marriage and the business she shared with her husband.

My client was feeling unsettled for weeks with this news and needed a 2nd opinion. I think even before I pulled out my cards, I had an inkling that it had more to do the words of the psychic than her stepdaughter. True enough the cards revealed that her stepdaughter certainly wasn’t the issue and that that little prickly barb that the psychic had planted within her mind was now festering and turning it into a wound of suspicion and mistrust.

I’m not certain if the psychic did it to manipulate or did it with unawareness, but I do know this - Energy Doesn’t Lie. If you enter into a place, experience a situation or encounter a person that makes you feel less than positive. It’s your intuition telling you something and it’s to leg it out of there. Trust the energy and run.

Tip 3: Only You Can Heal Yourself

I know what a bummer right? I was kinda disappointed when I learnt this Universal Truth. I guess it has always been a dream to just lie down and have someone else do all the heavy lifting by putting crystals or chanting and praying over you – Sadness Begone! And poof – it’s gone!

A good healer can activate healing, put you on a right path, help you feel more positive but it’s really up to you to continue your own healing. That's the discipline that comes with maintaining it. I always tell my clients that yes you can come for a healing with me and feel good for a week, maybe even 2, but it takes effort and dedication to your own growth and transformation.

For example if you are working on self worth and we work together on that in a healing, you will still have to eat right, exercise, meditate, work on affirmations and continue a programme of self love that takes time and commitment to your own healing. So always remember that, that the healing power is within your body and yourself. You don’t need to give it away by believing that someone else is going to save you.

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