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Welcome to Wisdom Wednesday, I've prepared an energy report for the month ahead and we also have our June Tarotscopes where you get your FREE one card Tarot Reading. Think about it as your anchor card for the month, offering you more insight and wisdom to what the month holds for you. We have hit the halfway mark of the year and it feels as if there's a real shift in energy with a Big Opening Up. After 2 years of being cloistered, there's a surging wave of excitement and exuberance.

To handle all that influx of new energy pouring in, I would say it is best to tread lightly into the month. That's the best way to surf the energy instead of getting swept up or away in it. For June, put down anything that is weighing you down, lighten your work load if you can. If you can't, just know you can go slowly, surely and steadily instead of rushing through everything. Lighten your physical body by eating real and fresh food. Make it a point to not engage in toxic habits, conversations, people and situations. Go Light. Go Bright.

3 June - The Retrograde is over

Mercury goes direct on the 3rd of June and this is going to help speed up the energy of the June. Anything that was stalled like projects or business deals will move along again and it will be easier to process information.

June 14 - Full Moon

The Sagittarius Full Moon is ruled by lucky Jupiter, so the vibe of this Full Moon is going to be a lot more social, upbeat and fun. You could be feeling a lot more optimistic but it could make you feel restless and also impulsive, so make sure you get grounded. Tread lightly so you won't do anything you might regret.

June 21 - Solstice

June 21 marks the Summer Solstice and longest day of the year. This is a day of celebration and creation, where the Sun is at its most powerful. You will feel a sense of heightened energy. As it's officially the first day of Summer, I want to suggest to you to take the time to create a small little ritual for yourself. Whether it's an early morning walk, a meditation, sunrise yoga, go fill your energy body with the glorious rays of the Sun. Plus get that shot of Vitamin D.

June 29 - New Moon

The New Moon in Cancer awakens our emotions and your Wise Inner Self is going to be speaking to you loudly and clearly. Follow your little nudges, your sparks of curiosity, and keep an eye out for synchronicities that happen along the way. Also remember that the best way for your Wise Inner Self to speak to you is in the NOW. Tune out your thoughts of the past, your ruminations of regret, your projections of the Future, the only place for your Mind & Soul Wisdom to connect is in the Present.




Jan 20th - Feb 18th


Dearest Aquarius, this June, the King of Cups will step in as your guide to help you navigate through any challenges. The King of Cups in this deck represents Devotion, Loyalty and Protection. It feels as if the challenge ahead will call for you to embody these qualities. The King of Cups is a card of intuition and wisdom. You will need that to navigate through anything that comes up to be faced. You have whatever within you to handle what lies ahead, and in fact, it's in this challenge you will activate your form of Mastery. In the legend, a boy swallows a magical pearl to save his mother from forces who are trying to hurt them and take the pearl away. His selfless act is what transforms him into an almighty Dragon. So get ready to for your own transformation into your Infinite Power.


February 15 - March 20


Dear Pisces, this June you will be filled with so much excitement, enthusiasm and exuberance. As you can see in the image, the Page of Wands is filled with cheery optimism and is ready to charge ahead. This June, you will find your energy returning to you. There will be a surge of passion you have not felt in your life for a while. Harness that child-like sparkling energy. It will help you inspire those around you and help you create support for what you need to do. Do make sure you temper it as well, in June, the energies are high and too much of a good thing can be excessive. However do enjoy this new found sense of joy and go forth, because you will delight those who cross your path.


March 21 - April 19


Dear Aries, The Chariot appears this June to indicate that your plans and goals have gained momentum and traction. Things are moving forward for you. This June, you will see an influx of opportunities and new contacts that will help. The Chariot is about harnessing your emotions and not letting it get the better of you. If you have felt as if you have been floundering before, this June you will get a sense that you have a clear direction of where you want to go. You will feel more confident as you blaze forth and make real strides and progress. It's your time in the Sun, so get ready to charge ahead. The energies are supporting you.

TAURUS April 20 - May 20


Dearest Taurus, the Eight of Wands indicates that the energy around you has picked up. If you have felt stuck and sticky from the energy of the past 2 years, this June, you will feel a real Quickening indeed. This is your time to make clear and decisive decisions to move ahead. The Eight of Wands indicates that once you make a decision that is aligned, there will be a real speed and momentum that it will feel as if you have wings. The time is now for you to take flight. All your hard work and perseverance will pay off. Just like the image in the card, the rainbow crow's wings are on fire as he delivers warmth to the cold earth. Get ready this June, you're going to be on LIT!


May 21 - June 20


Dearest Gemini, this June it feels as the Justice you deserve will be yours to have. The Justice card represents balance, fairness, virtue and honour. It's about making decision with a sense of impartiality and taking into consideration all the facts. This June it feels as if you have a chance to set things straight and that all situations will return to equilibrium. Those who deserve what they sow will be reaping it. There's always a sense that the Karmic Law "Reap What You Sow" is at play with this card. In some ways, it also works to absolve yourself and move on. All consequences that we sit in are based on decisions made. Made by ourselves and not unto us. So just continue to plant what you want to reap, the power has always been with us all along.


June 21 - July 22


Dearest Cancer, the new Moon in June on the 29th will be in your sign and this is a great time for you to start anew and afresh! This June the card of the Five of Swords indicates that you will go through some level of disappointment and betrayal. It's not the most fun of cards, as it indicates there has been some battle which you might not have won and the Victorious has used some means of betrayal and deception to win. While the Five of Swords is not an easy, it is a Teacher in its own way and does bring with it Wisdom and Power through its Pain. Just know that this situation will have its resolution and Justice will be served. The women in the image is the Goddess Isis who ultimately turns things around and eventually brings about Set's defeat.


July 23 - August 22


The Seven of Coins appears to you dear Leo as your anchor card to remind you that this June there are several paths before you that will lead to a good harvest. The Seven of Coins indicates you are reevaluating your situation. You are not looking for quick wins. You are looking for long term gains. That means putting your attention on the right areas instead of wasting time and effort on tasks that will not bring you the value and the satisfaction you seek. When this card appears, it's an invitation to step back and look at the bigger picture. Are you in the right direction? Are you focused on the right tasks for your goal? It's the midway point of the year, so it's the perfect time to re-access and if need be, realign to get back on track.


August 23 - September 22


Dear hardworking Virgo, this June you will be doing what you love best - working. As the most productive sign in the Zodiac, you understand how work is a sacred act and a prayer to the Divine. In June, you will be hard at work, dedicated and committed to your vision. Even if it feels as if you are moving too slowly and plodding along. This is the best way to success. Going slowly and surely. At your own pace and no one else's. Be like the Knight of Coins who represents a diligent warrior who is determined and focused. This June embrace all the work that needs to get done. You are sowing seeds of your success.


September 23 - October 22


Dearest Libra, the Nine of Coins appears to you this June as financial reward and success come to you after a long period of hard work and perseverance. The image in the card indicates that eternal Summer is here for you as you now reap the rewards of lush abundance and prosperity. The Farmer in the card knows that this is his time to enjoy his harvest and it is important that you let yourself celebrate. It's really essential to acknowledge how far you have come. So thank yourself for all the hard work, no days off and belief in you.


October 23 - November 21


What can I say dearest Scorpio. If I'm not mistaken, I think you have gotten this card three times in a row and what are the odds of that? You are in a beautiful new chapter that will bring you joy, purpose, meaning and also the start of finding your true authentic voice and self. The Page often indicates that this path opening up is new so you will be learning the ropes, being industrious and most importantly, tuning out the negative chatter. That's the real key to Mastery. Continue as you are and enjoy the journey. You know the Dream is happening now already. Not in some distant future. Enjoy the process.


November 22 - December 21


Dearest Sagi, the Knight of Swords appears as your anchor card to deliver you the message that swift and decisive action needs to be taken. If you have been feeling a lull and a sense of complacency at the start of the year, this June you will begin to feel revitalised and energised to go forth with any Big Plans you have. The Knight of Swords blesses you with the energy of being proactive, confident and able to make good decisions to move yourself ahead. You will be ready to spring into action! Ready! Steady! Go!


December 22 - January 19


Dear Capricorn this June you will be hard at work and you must not lose focus to meet your goals and your objectives. The princess in the card, knows she cannot allow distractions to happen if she wants to save her brothers from remaining as Swans forever. She must complete the impossible task that the witch has set before her. She must toil all night and work to weave. You are so close to your reward, so just focus on the task. Don't allow yourself to be distracted.

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