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Updated: May 27, 2022

Roller Skates - My New Roll Model

When roller-skating exploded over the last year, with stir-crazy people of all ages looking to find a hobby during the pandemic, I too got swept up in the excitement. I remembered when I was young, I loved roller skating and the joy it brought me. Somehow guided by my own Inner Child, I thought I too would be part of this ubercool retro, nostalgic trend. Plus I could now fulfill one of my childhood dreams of own a proper pair of roller skates that are drool-worthy. Having a pair of boot skates was always a dream of mine. As a kid, I had those retro cheapo skates which you attach to your shoes. "What the heck." I thought, "I'm turning 50 and if I don't do it now I won't ever!"

So I bought the cutest pair that I could and waited eagerly for them to arrive, while I scrolled through Tik Tok for inspo and put together my Skate Playlist; preparing myself for all the fun I would have. When my skates arrived, the reality set in. I realised that in my mind I remembered myself to be much better at it than I was; and that it was exactly that - just a memory that I was good at it.

Now let me tell you how it feels like to get back on skates 40 years later - TERRIFYING! These skates were slippery AF and the ground was a long ways away. But scared or not, the only way was to roll with it and get back on it and learn. And learning to roller skate brought me plenty of spills, thrills, bumps and bruises but it also taught me a few life lessons along the way. Plus what I did remember accurately was how much I loved it, how it brought me joy, and how it made me feel so free! That all came back and remains true. So here are some Roller Skating Life Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks!

Lesson 1: Learn to fall

You are definitely going to fall, so accept that, get your protective gear on and learn to fall well. The thing about life or roller skating is that once you accept you will trip and stumble, you need to learn to fall so you get to bounce back and get back on your feet. That's the key really, being resilient, getting up and trying again. Look you are definitely taking a risk by strapping your feet into boots with wheels, you just never know where you are going to wind up. But if you strap some gear on, mitigate your risk, you live to skate another day.

Lesson 2: Permission to skate badly

Starting out on skates can be challenging, not only do you suck, but it’s obvious that you suck. Most of us hate doing anything that we are not good at. That fear of looking dumb and stupid can stop so many of us from fulfilling our dreams and goals. I had to learn to allow myself to be a beginner. I also had to learn real compassion for myself and not berate self or make fun of myself. I had to say "You're amazing even trying this and you have all the permission you need." So whatever you do or try out, give yourself permission to be bad at something. This mindset will free your adventurous spirit.

Lesson 3: On the Other Side of Discomfort

There is something about life that bestows you your gift only once you make it through the other side of discomfort. Only when you move past it, will your gift, lesson, wisdom be revealed to you. Before I got my skates, in the lush rich landscape of my imagination, I had dreams of myself skating like a real pro by the beach by myself. but when it came time to go solo, the thought of it caused me extreme fear and anxiety. I’m not sure if it was the fear of falling in front of people or the fear of hurting myself, but the struggle was real. It took me a good 3 weeks to get out there for a solo skate session and when I did it, I felt so self-conscious like a teenager. It was kind of excruciating. But every time I did it, I felt less and less so. In fact, I would say getting on the Other Side of Discomfort has given me the gift to be more courageous. I'm not more confident of my skills, but I'm definitely braver for it. It's a fact, that you will see that quality spill over into other aspects of your life.

Lesson 4: Practise & Patience

Practise and Patience are the stepping stones to self-confidence. The key to unlocking inner confidence comes from Practise, Practise, Practise. Each time you put in the effort to skate, it pays off like compound interest. Every little bit of effort you put in to your practice, it compounds and grows exponentially. Every small action like 15 mins adds ups and one day it unlocks. Consider that attitude for anything in life that you need to accomplish or want to achieve - work, relationships, health, business, goals. Bit by bit that confidence starts to grow. It comes from taking action and doing something over and over again. Patience also plays a huge part in the process. Be patient when you practise, knowing and trusting that you are doing your best and you are going to get there in the end.

Lesson 5: Get a Coach

This has become a game changer for me. I have honestly decided that if there's anything I want to get good at and excel, I need to get a Coach. Having a Coach makes you have to show up because after all, you have paid for someone to make you accountable. A Coach is there to get you to where you want to go by meeting your goals and objectives. It's no different with a Business Coach, a Life Coach, a Tennis Coach and a Skate Coach. A Coach is there to help you crystalise your objectives, break it down and create a plan to get there. A Coach is there to be your cheerleader, help identify your blind spots and reflect your Greatness. It's why I also hired a Coach for my own growth personally and for my business and also became a Brain Based Coach myself. That's an inner truth that I stand by.

Final Thoughts:

So for the past year my roller skates has been my teacher and my guide and has unlocked a whole lot of fun, freedom and gifts along the way. It's all about getting out there, growing, being expansive and being able to receive the teachings that show up when you are ready.


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Dal Singh
Dal Singh
2022. máj. 25.

So inspiring!!!

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