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Tarot Therapy

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Lots of people have been asking me for more information on what’s Tarot Therapy and how this divination tool can assist in your wellness and healing. When you come for a reading with me, the Tarot cards are empowering because they reflect our unknown blocks or show us Divine guidance to redesign our lives.

There’s definitely a mystical and supernatural aspect to the Tarot, but it’s not about predictions or divination. It’s really about what you can do to shift your mindset, your beliefs or your habits. The Tarot truly is practical and handy, and offers a glimpse into the deeper realms of both ourselves and the Universe. Here are some ways why the Tarot is such a powerful tool for transformation.


1. Hello Subconscious My Old Friend

The Tarot is fantastic to use to tap and access into your subconscious. The subconscious is the hidden shadowy aspect of the mind, which we are not fully aware of but which influences our actions, thoughts and feelings.

It’s believed that 5% of our brain belongs to the conscious mind. The conscious mind uses logic and reasoning to make sense of the world. Yet 95% of the brain is the subconscious. The subconscious mind comprises positive and negative identifications, which are the birthplace of your habits, behaviours, beliefs and perceptions. Some of your negative Subconscious Dwellers are your gang of Inner Critics, your wounded Inner Child, your Saboteur.

Unless we meditate, we don’t have access into the Subconscious and we often let one of those Sub-Dwellers run the show. In fact, you probably can’t tell the difference behind the voice of your Mean Inner Critic and yourself.

The Tarot is the key that opens the door between the conscious and the subconscious mind. It allows access into what lies beneath the surface. Often in a Tarot reading, subconscious patterns will emerge, the client will be able to understand the belief and thoughts she or he didn't know they had and they realise what part they played in the situation. This brings me to my next point.

2. Blind Spots? Here's a Tarot Mirror!

As an instrument of transformation, Tarot cards provide fresh perspectives to a stuck situation by showing you your blind spots.The cards prompt you to look at your behavior, beliefs or thought patterns in a different way. That can really help people to better understand why they're stuck. Despite our best efforts, we simply do not and cannot see the full spectrum of possibilities available to us.

Because Tarot cards function solely through random selection and synchronicity, they touch us in a surprising and impactful manner. I often hear clients exclaim how accurate the cards are and how blown away they are that these random cards manage to pinpoint the situation exactly.

A lot of times, people are at a crossroads in their life, they can’t make a difficult decision and they get stuck. The cards shed light and offer people guidance in the right direction. Tarot Therapy helps clients make changes in their lives and figure out what's getting in the way of living the life they want.

3. Tarot Cards Paint a Pretty Picture

Think of a Tarot deck as a storyboard or a moodboard of your life. Clients are able to easily visualise a complex and emotional situation. In fact Carl Jung saw the Tarot as a means to represent the archetypal journey of mankind. Major Arcana cards are ancient symbols that reflect the spiritual journey each of us have to undertake. We all start at the Fool’s journey and along the way encounter characters like The Devil, Death, The Star. Each of us have to face our demons, die to transform and live in hope that this time we will be victorious.

The images in the cards hold deep meaning for us and it’s easy to use them as a tool for self exploration. The Tarot is colourful, with easy to understand images, you identify with since they’ve been pulled for your reading. Seeing your goals, hopes and fears laid out in pictures, they become more obvious. It helps you visualise and externalise your inner world by using symbols, images and colours and allow clients to connect to the cards on an emotional and intuitive level.

4. It’s A Way To Hear The Whispering of The Divine

In a noisy digital world, our Wise Inner Selves seem to only speak in whispers and hushed tones. Sometimes it’s hard to hear Divine Guidance when you are filled with raging emotions. Sometimes you can’t be sure between the voices of your Inner Critics or Wise Guides. Even if you do hear the whispers of your Wise Inner Self, you might feel not confident that you got the message right.

The Tarot helps confirm and reassure you that you’re on the right track and if you are not, it helps you realign much quicker. It takes the guesswork out especially if you are just starting your spiritual journey and you need more time and practice to listen better.

Often I hear clients go “Hey! That was what I was thinking or feeling and this is the affirmation that I need”. Tarot readings often will confirm your own intuitive feelings and thoughts. A good reading often feels right and resonates within your bones. The Tarot Deck is certainly a healing tool and wise advisor, helping you gain insight into yourself in a deep and profound way.

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