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The Abundance of Enoughness

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.

- Tao I-ching

For years and years, I have always felt when it comes to managing Money & Abundance, I’m in an invisible match pitted against it and again Money has either managed to outwit me or outrun me each time.

One day I had a realization, previously I’ve always thought of Abundance as having “More of” and by definition it does mean a “Large Quantity”; however, what if a form of Abundance also included “Having Enough”. Or what I like to call it - Enoughness. The definition of Enough is “As much as required”.

If you look at The Fulfillment Curve (see Figure Below), the peak of the Curve is the sweet spot of Enoughness. As Vicki Robins, author of the book “Your Money or Your Life” writes, “We have everything we need; there’s nothing extra to weigh us down, distract us or distress us, nothing we’ve bought on credit, have never used, and are slaving to pay off.” Because too much of a good thing renders it just too much.

When Covid19 happened and circuit breaker measures took place in Singapore, most people began to cut back. In fact, we all had to scale back to the state of Enoughness - enough food, enough rest, enough time, enough sleep. The world lost its manic, frantic, frenzied state of Being.

The Energy of Enoughness has a quality that is peaceful, full and enriching. It’s really an energy you can lean into and sit still within it. There’s no sense of striving, needing, seeking, trying to get more, to be more, to have more. Gosh that was so exhausting. It’s so time we all relearn a better way of Being.

Personally I felt as if a hole within me was being filled. I felt as if I had laid down this heavy burden I didn’t realise I was carrying on my back. I felt I didn’t have to rush towards some imaginary finish line. Enoughness allowed me to chill out and accept myself. My mantra became I AM ENOUGH, I DO ENOUGH, I HAVE ENOUGH. It was as if the energy of “wanting” had quieten down and went to go take a nap.

Finally I will leave you with some sage words from the man of Enoughness him - Lao Tzu, “If you realize you have Enough, you are always rich.” So let’s go live richly, happily and enoughly today.


Meditation for Enoughness

  1. Take a deep breath and clear and centre yourself

  2. Once you are ready, call in the energy of Enoughness

  3. See it as a Divine Light that is entering through your Crown Chakra and breath it into every part of your body

  4. Breath it into your legs, arms, heart, mind and into your cells

  5. Sit for a moment in that Stillness and Fullness

  6. Finish the meditation by saying, “I AM ENOUGH, I DO ENOUGH, I HAVE ENOUGH”

  7. Say it 3 times to lock it into your subconscious

  8. Open your eyes when you are ready

  9. Repeat for 30 days

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